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Is Legitimate for Talent and Voiceover Work?


Is Legitimate for Talent and Voiceover Work?

Searching for a way to earn more money with your voice? Don’t give away your cash or time until you’ve discovered if is genuine! Let’s look into the truthfulness of as an option for finding talent and voiceover jobs.

Quick facts: Is Voices Com Legit

  • ✅ has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and Inc., among other major publications.
  • ✅ It has over 300,000 voice actors in 100 countries (
  • ✅ The company has paid out over $200M to its voice talents (
  • ✅ The platform has over 100,000 registered clients (
  • ✅ The company has been named one of the Fastest Growing Companies in North America by Deloitte.
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    Overview of is a legit platform for talent & voiceover work. It’s an online market where voice actors & other creatives can connect with clients needing their services.

    Users get free & premium memberships. Features include:

    • job postings
    • audition solutions
    • payment options
    • sound effects
    • talent sample catalogs
    • communication tools
    • customer support
    • talent representation

    The website is secure with encryption technology protecting user data. Plus, it has a unique library of global voices for any project or audition need. Making it one of the most reliable sources for finding quality talent fast.

    What is is an online marketplace for voiceover talent, singers, and narrators. It gives actors a platform to connect with clients who need their services. Clients can find ads, narration, audio books, video games and more. The website has become a go-to source for professional voice recordings.

    It has top notch security standards to keep its users safe. has an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. It even offers a 100% money back guarantee if customers aren’t happy.

    How does work? is a platform that connects voice actors to clients. To use it, clients post a job description and budget, then get responses from voice talent. They pick the best one for their project.

    Payments and shipping are secure. After the client receives the work, releases payment to the talent within 2-3 business days. Talents must provide their PayPal or bank info to get paid. Clients and talents make payments securely, using methods like credit cards, PayPal or wire transfer. No extra fees or charges from

    Pros and Cons of is an online platform that connects voice actors with potential employers and clients. It can be a great way to find gigs and make extra money. But, before signing up, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons.

    • Pros:
      • Wide range of jobs
      • Competitive pay
      • Supportive community
    • Cons:
      • Limited opportunities for new talent without a portfolio
      • High competition
      • Rating system may not be accurate

    All in all, can be a great tool for professional voice actors to find work and grow their business. But, for those just starting out or with limited experience, it may be difficult to gain traction due to thousands of other voices competing for jobs.

    Pros has many pros. Clients can browse through its Voice Talent profiles and listen to voiceover demos. It also offers tools to help with talent search, audio production and file delivery.

    The company has a strong reputation in the industry. It has a solid track record of successful projects and satisfied customers. Users trust their potential business partners, knowing they are dealing with professionals. has also received multiple awards. This shows it is a successful and reputable organization trusted by clients and voice actors.


    Though and Bingo Clash have potential, there are drawbacks to consider. A con is the “pay to play” model, disadvantaging less established talent. charges for access to job postings. Plus, payments can take up to two days. Additionally, the rating system lacks transparency. Clients aren’t required to give feedback, making it hard for freelancers to address or contest negative feedback from unsatisfied customers. Reviews is an online service that links voiceover artists and production people to firms needing voiceover work. It offers many chances for voice talent, like radio and TV ads, video games, audio books, and more.

    The reviews for are mostly good. Many users love its convenience and versatility. There is also a great selection of talent from expert actors to amateur hobbyists. Plus, many voices from around the world with different languages.

    Signing up is easy; create an account and upload your audio samples. Then you can start auditioning. You have access to heaps of “gig postings” which businesses post daily. reviews say payment is fast and reliable. All in all, it’s a credible place for talent wanting to find work in the voiceover industry!

    What do clients say?

    Customers are satisfied with their Stylevana shopping. They love the unbeatable variety of styles and the great prices. Delivery is quick, and customer service is top-notch. Customers can track their orders and get notifications when they arrive. This has given them trust and security.

    In conclusion, customers are happy with their shopping on this platform.

    What do talent say?

    Talents can choose Auto Approve when submitting auditions on This allows Clients to download and accept auditions without waiting. This can create more job opportunities.

    When using Auto Approve, any audition downloaded by a Client is automatically accepted. Clients cannot reject auditions with Auto Approve on.

    Auto Approve is optional. It’s a great way for Clients to quickly review auditions and make decisions faster than waiting for the Talent!

    Alternatives to

    Introduction-Is Legitimate for Talent and Voiceover Work? is a top online voiceover business. But there are other alternatives too. Websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and PeoplePerHour have similar services. Craigslist is another option, but be careful since there could be scams or low pay. Additionally, Thumbtack and GigMaster have local talent. You might even get referrals from friends and fam. Finally, join an online voiceover community like Voice123. This is a great source for jobs and networking.


    Fiverr is an online platform for freelancers. It is popular for voice acting, animation, and marketing. There’s a wide range of talent for these services, with prices per job. Fiverr offers many different categories to choose from. All projects are completed by independent contractors, so you can negotiate terms and prices.

    Fiverr also has Fiverr Pro, which provides access to top-tier freelancers. If you’re looking for voiceovers or other freelance services, Fiverr is great. Be sure to research potential contractors before settling on one. Or sign up to a vetted agency if it’s an option.


    Upwork is a legitimate platform to find freelance work, including voiceover talent. It was created in 2015 and has connected thousands of businesses with professionals from all over the world. It’s a one-stop shop for businesses to post jobs, source talent, manage projects, and process payments.

    Customers rate Upwork with 4 stars with an “Excellent” or “Very Good” rating for things like ease of use, service quality, and customer support. They offer memberships for both freelancers and employers, so it’s a great choice for those wanting to make money from their voiceover talents or other freelance services.


    Voice123 is an online market and directory for voiceover work. It connects businesses and individuals with voiceover talent for all types of projects. Companies can post jobs and voice actors can audition. Auditions come in different forms. These include phone, digital, sent in the mail, or even video job postings. There is an optional fee for a Pro Plan with extra features and priority in searches.

    Voice123 has standards for all talent auditioning. All voice over artists must have a certain amount of experience to apply for jobs.

    Conclusion is a genuine platform for talent and voiceover work. It offers plenty of tools and services for freelancers and businesses. This easy-to-use platform connects people who want to work together. It also guarantees a secure online environment for freelancers and companies.

    Above all, is a legitimate platform for audio production projects. You don’t have to leave your home or wait a long time for radio stations or record labels.

    Is Legitimate?

    Is legitimate? Yes! It’s been used for many years by talent of all levels – pro to up-and-coming. It’s safe, secure and reliable. With 600,000+ members from around the world, clients can find the perfect fit.

    The Voice Marketplace has payment protection and project reviews. This holds everyone accountable and creates a positive experience.

    Is right for you?

    The decision to work with is yours. Doing so could be very useful in terms of finding projects and increasing your visibility. But, it also has drawbacks. You’d need to pay for membership and be in competition with other professionals. Moreover, you may not have control over rates.

    Plus, is just one piece of the puzzle. You should:

    • build your own website
    • use social media
    • investigate other companies in the industry

    That way, you can choose what works best for you and your career!

    FAQs about: Is Voices Com Legit

    Q1: Is Legit?

    A1: Yes, is a legitimate business that has been in operation since 2003. The company is headquartered in London, Ontario, Canada and is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

    Q2: What services does offer?

    A2: offers a variety of voice over services and audio services including voiceover casting, audio post production, and audio engineering.

    Q3: How do I sign up for

    A3: You can sign up for by creating an account on their website. You will need to provide some personal information and choose a subscription plan that fits your needs.