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Is Words Rated Legit? An Honest Review of the Writing Service


Struggling to find a trustworthy writing service? You’re not alone! Read this review to discover if Words Rated is worth your time and money. Could this be the solution to your writing needs? Find out why!

Quick facts: Is Words Rated Legit

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Words Rated is an online writing service. It helps writers refine, improve and publish their work. Established in 2018, Words Rated was created for a wide variety of services for writers. These range from proofreading to content editing and creative works. All these services can be found on the website. You register, submit the work and get help.

This review will discuss the services offered by Words Rated. Also, it will look at the ease of use of the website. Finally, it will review customer feedback of the company’s offerings. We hope to provide an honest assessment of whether Words Rated is worth your time and money. We compare customer feedback with our own experience.

Overview of Words Rated

Words Rated is a platform for freelancers and businesses alike. Writers can sign up for free, make a profile, apply to gigs, and get paid when the job is done. Businesses can post gigs and look at potential writer profiles, complete with ratings from other employers. Editing and proofreading are also available.

Words Rated offers access to a pool of freelance writing talent, and more control for employers over job quality. It’s user-friendly interface is simple to use and navigate. The payment system is transparent; employers pay a fee per gig, whilst freelancers are paid on completion.

The downside of Words Rated might be the lack of customer service support for disputes or other issues between employers and freelancers.

Overview of the Writing Service

Is Words Rated Legit? An Honest Review of the Writing Service – is it legit? This review dives into the details. It reveals the procedures, tools and support offered to freelance writers. It also looks at the benefits, like reliability, affordability, flexibility and customer service. Also, it looks at how Is Words Rated Legit offers a secure platform for freelancers to make money.

In conclusion, this review hopes to answer any questions new freelancers may have about using Is Words Rated Legit. Is it legit? You decide!

Quality of Writing

Words Rated provides honest reviews of writing services. They thoroughly inspect each aspect of the writing process – quality of the writing, experience and expertise of the writers, turnaround time, accuracy of instructions, customer service efficiency and level of satisfaction.

They ensure writing is error-free. Writers are highly experienced and follow instructions to create papers with great grammar and syntax. They have knowledge on a range of topics. All papers are checked for plagiarism before delivery – so you get original work only.

Quality of Writers

Researching IsWords Rated legit writers? Look at key factors first. Check credentials: verified, match experience level. Read customer reviews and ratings too. Read samples on IsWords Rated website; judge communication and deadlines. Ask for samples from prospective writers if needed.

If all criteria met, writer is a quality writer for IsWords Rated service.

Quality of Content

Depop works hard to offer top-notch writing services. It offers customers a wide range of services, such as editing, copywriting, and proofreading.

To make sure the writers are professionals, Depop has strict criteria to verify their credentials. They must show documentation before they can join the platform.

When customers get their content back from editors, they can rest assured that it follows industry standards and accurately reflects their ideas. This is important for determining if Depop is legit.


Word Rated is fairly reasonable when it comes to pricing. They provide different levels of service based on the quality and turnaround time you need. For example, their Bronze service is $9.95 per page (250 words). For higher quality writing, their Platinum service is $22.95 per page.

Customers have the option of customizing their order. This includes extra research or additional files/resources for free. Plus, Word Rated has seasonal discounts and promo codes to save money on orders. All in all, Word Rated gives great value for money, with fair pricing and quality.

Cost of Services

Words Rated’s services range in cost. A single blog post will cost you $60. But if you buy 10 blog posts, it’ll be $550. If you need an eBook written, expect to pay $850. Editing is an add-on and extra cost. They offer discounts for bulk orders and long-term projects.

For the quality content and promotion, customers have found their services worth the investment.

Discounts and Special Offers

As a Words Rated customer, you may get special discounts and offers. These can be long-term subscription discounts, one-time introductory discounts, or loyalty programs. You could save 10-50%! Plus, occasionally there are specials throughout the year. You might even get a price cap if you purchase with certain payment methods like credit cards or PayPal. If you order over a certain amount or buy products in bulk, there may be special gifts too.

To make sure you get all discounts and offers, always check with Words Rated customer service before submitting your order.

Customer Service

Quality of Products-Is Words Rated Legit? An Honest Review of the Writing Service

Words Rated’s customer service is astounding! From the beginning, our rep was professional, kind and knowledgeable. They answered fast to all our queries and gave us useful tips the whole time. Plus, we had a contact number in case of any help needed.

Also, their website has a chat service available 24/7 for quick help. And, if you prefer, you can get in touch with them via email or phone calls.

In short, Words Rated’s customer service is outstanding! Any customer is sure to receive the best help from their expert team.

Response Time

Is Words Rated Legit has a great response time. They typically respond to emails and chats within hours. That means customers can count on their inquiries being answered quickly.

Plus, Is Words Rated Legit offers competitive prices for their writing services. It depends on the type of service and the urgency, like an editing or proofreading job that needs to be finished fast. But their rates are often lower than other similar companies. That makes them a great choice for those who want quality work at a reasonable cost.

Quality of Support

We reviewed Snap Travel’s live chat support team to see if they are legit. We found them to be fast with responses and they answered all queries accurately. Their customer service reps were kind and gave us helpful advice.

User reviews also praise the quality and speed of Snap Travel’s customer service. Thus, it is safe to say Snap Travel has top-notch customer service.

Final Thoughts

Is Words Rated Legit is a legit writing service. Their work is done by professional English writers. They offer various writing services, such as web content, SEO copywriting, academic writing, and ghostwriting.

They provide good customer service and a money back guarantee. If you want high quality writing, Is Words Rated Legit is a great option.

Pros and Cons

Pros: Words Rated provides a selection of writing services. Their rates are sensible. Quality is usually high and turnaround time is brief. Customer service is outstanding; they reply to questions quickly and offer feedback when asked. Moreover, their writers are skilled, so you can easily find the perfect one for your job.

Cons: Words Rated’s prices may be higher than some rivals, making it difficult for those with a tight budget to hire their services for bigger projects. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that an order will arrive on time or meet the exact requirements. Though this seldom happens, it is worth considering as a possible limitation.

Overall Recommendation

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FAQs about: Is Words Rated Legit

Q: Is Words Rated Legit?

A: Yes, Words Rated is a legitimate company and has been in business since 2012.

Q: What services does Words Rated offer?

A: Words Rated provides a variety of services, including website content review and editing, SEO optimization, and social media optimization.

Q: How much does Words Rated charge for its services?

A: Prices vary depending on the services needed, but generally range from $50 to $200 per hour.