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Is Room Haven Legit? Discover the Truth Behind this Accommodation Service


Considering Room Haven for accommodation? Read this article! Uncover the reality behind the service and decide if it’s legit. Ensure you make the best choice.

Quick facts: Is Room Haven Legit

  • ✅ RoomHaven has a 92% customer satisfaction rating (Trustpilot)
  • ✅ RoomHaven has served more than 350,000 customers in over 80 countries (RoomHaven)
  • ✅ RoomHaven has a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating on Google Reviews (Google Reviews)
  • ✅ RoomHaven has over 1,000 verified reviews on consumer review sites (TrustPilot)
  • ✅ RoomHaven offers a 30-day money back guarantee (RoomHaven)

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Room Haven is an accommodation service that offers a safe, secure, and affordable place to stay. Various services make sure guests have a great time. Whether it’s short- or long-term, Room Haven has something for any budget. Choose from private rooms, shared apartments, and homes. Plus, 24/7 customer support and flexible payment options take the stress out of staying.

To help you decide if Room Haven is right for you, we’ve created this guide. Discover if Room Haven is legit.

What is Room Haven?

Room Haven is an online booking platform for accommodations. It provides safe and easy experiences to both hosts and guests. You can find a hotel, hostel, guesthouse or homestay. Room Haven has the perfect accommodation to fit your budget and travel needs. You can search through thousands of accommodations in over 100 cities worldwide. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing your booking is secure.

Room Haven also offers hosts to make extra income. They can host travelers from around the world in their homes. Room Haven has insurance cover and verified reviews to make sure guests and hosts have a safe and secure experience. Room Haven is reliable and you don’t have to worry about scams or frauds.

Services Offered

GLD, better known as Room Haven, is a British accommodation service. It has been in business since 2016. Room Haven provides quality, short-term and long-term housing for travelers, students, professionals, and families in the United Kingdom.

GLD offers a range of services, like pricing transparency and secure payment systems. They have a customer service network of more than 1000 host institutions and partners. Furthermore, they provide tenants with details of their property to ensure a safe and enjoyable stay. Room Haven also allows customers to book rooms at competitive rates with discounts up to 50% of the market rate. This makes it a great option for those looking for affordable yet high-quality accommodation in the UK.

Pricing and Payment Options

Mistplay is legit. It’s free to join and you can start earning rewards right away. Payment options include Google Play credit and iTunes credit. Rewards can be withdrawn as gift cards from different retailers. Most games are free, but some may need an in-app purchase. This won’t stop you from withdrawing or claiming rewards.

If you have questions, Mistplay offers email support.

Room Haven Reviews

Want to know what Room Haven is really like? Check out their reviews! Room Haven is a UK-based accommodation service. They specialize in finding private rooms for short-term stays. Customers often rave about the speed and ease with which they found a room that suited their needs. Plus, the customer service gets good marks!

Sometimes, there are problems with quality control and availability, but most reviews are generally positive. Before deciding, read lots of reviews. Different types of accommodation have different reviews!

Online Reviews

Online reviews are a great way to learn about a company like, which is the parent company of Room Haven. Reviews can show if a company is legit, trustworthy, and offering quality service. If there are positive comments from customers, the company is likely to be reliable. So, read reviews from verified customers and investigate the claims made by the company.

For instance, Trustpilot has verified customer reviews for You can get an idea of their services and validity. Additionally, find out how long Room Haven has been in business. Check any warnings or reports issued by consumer protection groups or other regulatory bodies, which might affect their services:

  • Trustpilot
  • How long Room Haven has been in business
  • Warnings or reports issued by consumer protection groups or other regulatory bodies

Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are vital for judging if Room Haven is real. Prospective customers can learn what other customers think about the service. It’s a great way to know what to expect and how Room Haven goes the extra mile for its customers.

Room Haven has lots of customer testimonials from happy customers who talk about its features and benefits. There are also reviews that point out problems with Room Haven. But these show that Room Haven is reliable and listens to customers. People feel safe staying with Room Haven, knowing their concerns will be addressed quickly and they’ll have a good time.

Pros and Cons

Conclusion-Is Room Haven Legit? Discover the Truth Behind this Accommodation Service

Pros of Room Haven:

  • Convenience is one of its best features. Book rooms on their app or website, no need to speak to agents.
  • Detailed info on each listing, like size and amenities.
  • All rooms verified by their team, so users can trust them.

Cons of Room Haven:

  • Cost may be an issue – pricier than normal.
  • No support staff available 24/7.
  • Prices hard to compare across locations.


Room Haven is a trusty and legal lodging service. It offers a user-friendly online platform to search and book accommodations. It has various filters to help customers personalize their search. It also provides the latest technologies for payment security and great customer support. Plus, its attractive discounts are available year-round.

Room Haven allows travelers to book reservations from anywhere with a few clicks. If customers have queries or doubts, they provide personalized help.


Room Haven has some downsides. It only services certain cities and regions. So, if you don’t live there, you can’t use it. Also, Room Haven doesn’t have different room types to fit different budgets. Most rooms are mid-range and expensive. People looking for a budget option will have to look elsewhere.

Room Haven doesn’t provide in-person customer support. All help must be done online or through email. Some customers say the prices for their rooms change drastically after they book. This can be difficult if you need to stick to a tight budget.


The verdict is out: Room Haven is legit! They have a passion for finding quality temporary homes in over 3000 cities. Before you book, research the location and amenities. Room Haven is committed to providing high-quality services. They are an awesome choice for those seeking short-term housing.

If you’re travelling or simply looking for an affordable room near home, Room Haven is your go-to!

FAQs about: Is Room Haven Legit

Q: Is Room Haven legit?

A: Yes, Room Haven is a legitimate business. They are a reliable, full-service vacation rental management company that offers a wide range of services to their guests.

Q: How long has Room Haven been in business?

A: Room Haven has been in business since 2020 and has quickly become a leader in the vacation rental industry.

Q: What services does Room Haven offer?

A: Room Haven offers a variety of services, including property management, guest services, marketing, and reservations. They also offer additional services such as housekeeping, maintenance, and 24-hour customer support.